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Vrouw zit uren dood in stoel voor paniek om WO1 fuze

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Geregistreerd op: 5-1-2006
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Woonplaats: Hoek van Holland

BerichtGeplaatst: 06 Aug 2013 19:38    Onderwerp: Vrouw zit uren dood in stoel voor paniek om WO1 fuze Reageer met quote

Dead pensioner, 81, left sitting on sofa for three-and-a-half hours after over-zealous paramedic called BOMB SQUAD when he spotted deactivated shell on mantelpiece

Former Navy officer Bert Hendy, of Whitchurch, Bristol, dialled 999

Wife Jean stopped breathing shortly after waking up and later died
Paramedic spotted nose cone of shell given to Mr Hendy in Belgium
Bomb squad arrived to examine 18lb shell and later found it was saf

When Bert Hendy dialled 999 for help for his dying wife he didnít expect a visit from the bomb squad.

But the first paramedic to reach his home called in explosives experts after spotting a wartime shell on the pensionerís mantelpiece.

Jean, Mr Hendyís wife of 63 years, had died before the ambulance arrived but her body was not moved for another four hours while the bizarre incident unfolded.

Accompanied by police, the explosives experts examined and photographed the device before eventually taking it away to a police station.

The coupleís son Steve, 62, said: ĎThis was typical of mum Ė causing such a drama. In a way it was a fitting finale Ė she certainly went out with a bang.í

He said his mother, 81, slipped into unconsciousness shortly after waking up last Sunday.

ĎBy the time paramedics arrived, mum had sadly passed away,í he added. ĎBut while he was here, the paramedic noticed the nose cone of this bomb on the mantelpiece.

'He kept picking it up and looking at it and then said to us that he thought it was live and he was going to have to call the police.

'We couldnít believe it. Mum had just passed away and all this was going on around her.í

Mr Hendy, 85 and a former Navy officer, was given the First World War British shell ten years ago in Hotton, Belgium.

He was visiting a graveyard in the town where his brother, Fred, 19, was buried after being killed in the Second World War.

Steve said: ĎHe drilled the shell and ground it so it would fit on this plinth.

ĎAt no time did any of us think it could be live Ė it is 100 years old. Itís one of his pride and joys and had just been sitting there for years.í

Police have now returned the nose cone to Mr Hendyís Bristol home and issued him with a certificate saying it is safe.

Ambulance sent: The paramedic called Avon and Somerset Constabulary officers, who arrived at the home with bomb experts to take photographs and remove the shell

A police spokesman said: ĎAt around 8.15am on Sunday, July 28, we were informed by the ambulance service that they had found some sort of World War One device. We attended the property in Allerton Crescent and took photos of the object.

ĎAt 12.30pm the Explosives Ordnance Disposal advised us that they were happy with the object and it could safely be removed to the local police station.í

The paramedic had served in the Royal Marines.

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